Monday, July 30, 2007

Domestic Violence

I partake in a board that is all women and one woman posted a problem.

She has (and I believe still is) been a victim of abuse and has been approached by a friend for help.

Her other half (who has abused her) says that she should not be involved.

Personally, I want to kick her other halves balls into the dirt because that is what he is....dirt!!

She has a myspace page and inadvertantly posted a pic of herself and her son (if my memory serves me right) but when I asked about this she was very 'ooo I'm hideous....blah, blah, blah....'

This poor woman's ego is basically zero because of this guy!! Just because he exists.....she thinks she's a step below plankton!

Give me five minutes in his face....but you know what.....people like him.....anything I have to say would go in one ear and out the other.....

Freakin' scumbag!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Demise of the Little Guy

I just love the way clothes smell fresh off the line!!

We used to have a washing line but due to a truck accident (ie he drove through it) it is no more. It was just a simple wooden post in the ground with washing line strung across the yard and attached to the garage. Simple, yet effective.

But now I know what I want!! I want one of those washing lines with 5 lines that stretch across my yard so I can hang out billowing white sheets.... you know, like the laundry ads?!

So, my quest for a washing line has led me to call a few hardware places. And I've actually found places that do sell the T-sections to set up your own washing line!! (in my want to be a bit more green and yes, cheap!)

But the most local hardware place.....well, they just made me shake my head in wonder!!I explained in detail what I was looking for. The lady said, eh? and asked if I could start again.

Ok, big sigh inside and I say, 'I am looking for a set of t-shaped poles to put in my yard so that I can string washing line between and dry my wet clothes.' It sounds kind of sarcastic but I was really going for a direct description!!

'Oh you mean a clothes line?'


'Oh I don't know....can you call back around 6? We might have it listed in a book or something but I really have no idea....'

I just thanked her and hung up. Why do you think they have someone there that can't answer a question like that? It's not like its Home Depot or something....this place is tiny!!!

Sigh....and some people wonder why the small businesses are folding?!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Lady Bums!

I guess there are certain words that I haven't taught my 3 year olds. Tampons seem to be one of them.

I never felt the need to say, 'See these cylindrical things...these are called....' Well, you get what I mean!

But I guess if you don't tell a child the name of something they'll just make it up!

While performing my ablutions this morning Charlotte handed me a 'lady bum' just in case I needed it.

Ummmm...thanks sweetie...

I still haven't told her the name of them as I think lady bums will suffice for now. At least it makes me smile anyway! :)