Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I apologize (or if you're reading this in the UK, apologise!) for my self centeredness!!

Yes, I've gone on and on about Etsy and it's all been ME, ME, ME. I can blush and say sorry all you want but I've been selfish!!

Soooooo many cool and great people on Etsy!!

I have a very low 'cry' threshold and one lovely lady named Melanie (Bags by Melanie )brought that out in me! She contacted me on Etsy and asked if I would make a cross stitch pattern from her pictures. Of course I would!! And then she sends me over the most gorgeous kids!! I don't know what it is about making these patterns....there's just something so personal about them. This is someone giving me pictures of her precious children so that I can make patterns. I don't know how I can convey the feelings of trust that this invokes! (or is it's late and I'm too tired for!) Anyway, I felt myself tearing up when I was making them. And that happens a lot!!

A friend of mine from LML (TheLoudMouthLadies ) asked me to do one of her grandfather that passed away. Talk about a mess of tears!!

And one of the great ladies of LML (Gloria) asked me to do one of her son and again, I feel like I know this person so well that doing this for her just brought tears to my eyes!! Gloria has a wonderful son named Luke who is truly a wonderful boy!! He is so blessed to have Glo and Derrick as his parents!

Oh and not to forget Caren who's doggy I'm trying to immortalize! (it's getting there Caren, I promise!)

Soooooo....this whole post is to celebrate the love of giving and family and well, anything that I can think of to make me cry!!

Sorry about all the penises.....just kind of got obsessed!! I promised boobies but didn't really come through, eh?!
And I'm going to work on give aways too!! I've got tons of books that I've read that are in great condition that I'd love to pass on so that will be mentioned in future posts in the spirit of giving!!
Gotta give!! :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

And without further ado.....

Here's a new phallus for your enjoyment! :)

There's something squirmingly enjoyable about making something like this! I feel naughty but I also laugh!

I call this one 'Gooooood Morning'!

I'm envisioning this design on a pillow or something. On a wall would be nice too but I'm thinking pillow.

He's going into my Etsy shop in a few minutes.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sex Sells Part II

And yet again......views of Dream Man? 900!!!

And I posted on Craftster too and in less than 12 hours views have hit over 1100!!

Watch this space as I will be uploading a new pattern! Maybe not quite so graphic but I promise you boobies!! :)

Sex Sells!!!

I have an Etsy store and recently (like 2 days ago) listed a pattern with ummm.....ahem....dubious content.

OMG!!! Little did I know that this would create hundreds of viewings!! (here it is just gone midnight and its close to 700 viewings!!)

I cannot believe the furor that something like this creates!!

So, without further it is!!!