Friday, May 2, 2008

Summer Reading and a Giveaway!

Well, I promised that I would think of some cool giveaways and here's my first!

Are you looking for a good read? I have a hardbound book by Marian Keyes called Anybody Out There?. There's nearly 600 pages and it's a great read! I bought this book the last time I was in England (yes,I just had to check and it's priced in pounds!) and thoroughly enjoyed it!

BUT, nothing comes without a price!

What could I possibly want from you for this wonderful book?

Tell me via comments what you would love to see in cross stitch! Serious answers only please!

So, the one that I'm most impressed with will get my book! I'll even pay shipping! (it might not get there in the quickest way but hey, I'm not made of money! Donkey ok?)

Anyway, this is my first giveaway and we'll see how it goes!
Now I must go and clean my house.....I think I have a child stuck to the floor! (kidding! Or am I?!)