Thursday, August 30, 2007

Contemplating plastic surgery.....

Sing along to this well known ditty......

Doooooooo.....your boobs hang low..

Do they wobble to and fro

Can you tie them in a knot

Can you tie them in a bow

Can you throw them over your shoulder

Like a boulder throwing soldier

Do your boobs....hang......low?

Yeah, yeah, yeah......5 kids and all breast fed. Of course my boobs hang low!! And especially now since I've just stopped feeding my youngest... :(

Sooooo.....winning the lottery is now top of our list!

Yeah, it sucks being poor....

Oh well, we're poor but happy.....with saggy boobs! :)

I wonder if he reads this?

If you blog, do you ever wonder who's actually reading all of your ramblings and wanderings?

I don't let it bother me as I'm pretty sure I'm the only one reading this but I do wonder if my other half reads this at all?

I'll let you into a secret.....he's the most miserable, small willied person EVER!!!

No, not really....I'm just hoping to flush him out of his secret reading!! :) He's actually perfectly endowed and has a great sense of humor. He's only miserable in the morning which is why I'm glad he gets up earlier than me. I'm a ray of sunshine and he's not..... Well, maybe not a ray but I am slightly better at getting up and not growling at people for no apparent reason. (except for the reason of it being morning)

Boys are gross, part 957

Just a quick note....those who know me know that I cannot get over just how gross boys are compared to girls.

And I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say this is reason number 957 (I haven't actually counted...that would be silly and slightly disturbing) but I walk into my downstairs loo (ouch....sorry, couldn't resist the silliness) and notice there is something on the wall.

Hmmmm....what could this poo colored, poo lookey likey be???! Why poo of course!!! I asked my youngest daughter if she knew where it came from... Her elder (by one minute) brother, of course!


So, while I use a wipe to get rid of the poo art I add this little incident to my list.

I really think that this should be noted in baby books for the expecting mother. Really....I do. Boys are gross!

I can't wait for the burping and farting to begin!!

Oh wait, that's already happened!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Diana Gabaldon!

I recently joined a group of people on Yahoo who all enjoy the works of Diana Gabaldon.

I'm just lurking as, even though I've read all of her books, I don't really feel I'm ready to discuss her work in great detail. I've read each book at least twice but hey, I guess I'm intimidated by others sometimes.....

Anyway, one of the members shared a link to some of her photos taken from the Fergus Festival in Canada. ( ) Diana was there and did a signing which I thought was lovely and then the pics went on.

She actually came to the groups camp site!!! OMG....I would have fainted!! I felt near to tears!! How silly of me yet, it's hard to get across just how much I LOVE her books!! And then she put on a cocktail party for her fans too..... I mean, come on, how cool is that???!!

If you ever want to get into a lovely tale then read a Diana Gabaldon book.... it'll make you a fan!!!


Freaking cat has fleas!! And consequently, it feels like our house is infested!!

It probably isn't but we're bombing just to be on the safe side....

Scratch, scratch....oh the power of suggestion.... :) (are you scratching yet?!)

Time to add more hours to the day!!

So many projects and too little time!!

Lets the top of my head....I've got phone charms.....gourds.....cross stitch.....this blog....a park bench....cross stitch patterns....ebay.....

And not to mention 3 demanding little people!!!

I've just opened a store on Ebay and I'm trying to stock it with my patterns.....soooooo many things going round my head!! I'm thinking pumpkins....but then I think maybe I've missed the halloween season already?!! I've got Christmas things going through my head too.....

Oh and the coin rings!! I'm about halfway through one and I'm stopping as I know what to do..... That was kind of my trial and error one. Now to carry on with the real one!! With the 1951 coin for Mike's dad.....

And the calendars for my mum and family.....

And the.....

OMG....will all this ever be done before Christmas??!! Probably not....and I'll be gray!! (under the hair dye!) Who am I kidding.....I'm already grey (or even gray....which flipping country am I in??!)


There's more that I've forgotten....

Maybe I can do without sleep?!! Nah, I get cranky enough as it is!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Pizza Hut....what rhymes with....?

Here I am trying to instill manners and grace in my children....

A Pizza Hut commercial comes on the tv.......

Callum chants...'Pizza Hut, chicken butt!!!' over and over again!!! Charlotte finds this vastly amusing and parrots her brother!! I'm sure if Alex had the vocal skills he'd be adding his two penn'orth as well!!

Thanks daddy!!! :~\

Monday, August 20, 2007


This is kind of sad really but I do believe what goes around comes around.

Mike spoke to his brother the other day who was bemoaning the fact that his own mother had taken him to court for $9000!! But, basically, he did the same thing to his mother and her husband that he did to us! Sold a truck to someone else that didn't belong to him! This is the same thing he did to us but on a bigger scale! At first I couldn't figure out how he did it but I remembered that his mother had put the truck in her daughter in laws name. Why would she do something this stupid???!! She knows that they can't be trusted! Oh and she's also suing for back rent that they haven't paid for 2 years. Again, I don't know why she's doing this as these scummy people have money.....nothing!!

And then he was also bemoaning the fact that his Aunt called Child Protective Services on them as they didn't have any power or gas. They'd been shut off for non-payment.... I don't know how long they were shut off but it has to have been for a while for his Aunt to call. Big freakin' knock on the head.....hey scumbag....she didn't do this to get at you!! She did it for your 4 kids!! I tell you, these people shouldn't have pets let alone kids!!

His own father was telling us last night about the amount of times he's had to bail them out. But, he won't do it anymore....he refuses to. And I don't blame him! Mike will talk to his brother on the phone but we're not going to visit.....we just can't afford it!!

Good gourd and ebay.....

Never, ever get on ebay after you've had a few drinks!! It's a financial disaster I tell you!!

So, lets go back a week to last Sunday.... It's about 12.30 am and I'm having a couple of glasses of wine. Hey, no problem with that until..... Oooo....I get the urge to go on ebay. Many a handbag has been bought at this dangerout time of the day!!

But, what's foremost in my mind at the moment? Gourds!!! I am soooooo excited about my new Dremel and I sooooooo want to use it to make something!!! So, I have 20 dried baby gourds coming but at a rather high cost!! Twenty six bucks plus shipping!! Egads, what the hell was I thinking??!! Oh well, I think the next day, someone is bound to top my bid!! I was going to cancel it but I just knew that someone would top me....they do normally! But, sods law, no one topped me and I had some very grateful emails from the seller. They probably want to sell me a bridge in Alaska too.

Well, the gold (I wish) gourds should be arriving today so lets hope I make lots of lovely Christmas ornaments to savor for years to come!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just to add to 'freakin' scumbag'!

I woke Mike to tell him his scumbag brother was on the phone. And he actually spoke to him as well. His brother just doesn't get that this isn't about money!! With family like him, who needs enemies??!

And then his bro said he would come round the next day..... I didn't find this out until the next day. But, true to form he didn't come round! Very typical!

There's supposed to be a family picnic today but we're not going. Mainly because Mike's working today but also because his mothers going to be there.....sigh.....this side of the family is so full of drama and bullshit!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pre-school on hold....

I'm over my mad took a while!!

I was so excited when Mike got home from work and I proceeded to tell him all about it.

How are they going to get there, he asks? He carpools and so it would mean him having to be picked up twice a week and he would have to drive 3 times a week. I don't see it as being a big deal but nope, he can't see himself driving an extra day every 2 weeks.

I'm over my mad mood but he's still a selfish poop!

We're going to save up for a little car since the big glug, glug truck isn't great for zooming back and forth..... And doesn't have the room for 3 little people!

Why did he have to buy a truck like that?! It sits in the drive....gathering dirt, twigs and bird poop!!

Freakin' scumbag.....

I'm sitting here online and I get an email to say that I have a message..... Strange....just gone midnight....who could it be??

Scumbag brother of the decade wanting to put the 'truck' incident behind him.....

Ummmm....listen with what you owe and then we'll speak!!

Fucking scumbag....

And there, I've sullied my blog for this scum???!

No big coincidence that his brothers name is Joe??!! Scary!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I am soooooo excited for the twins but I haven't mentioned anything yet as I want to get it all sorted before I tell them!!

They can't start school until next year which is a bummer as I know they LOVE the thought of going to school!!

But I found a great Church pre-school that they can go to for 2 mornings a week. so, the forms are coming and I can't wait to get them registered!! They will be soooo stoked to go to 'school'!!

Big soppy pants that I am....I'm tearing up already!! :)

Ok...I think I'm certifiably sad!!

I was at the store yesterday and picked up 2 packets of wooden pegs. I put them all in the bag, hung the bag on the (beloved) washing line and stood back and sighed a happy sigh. So, I'm up 80 pegs and all is good on the laundry front.

I'm pretty sure though that thunderstorms, snow and hurricanes are on their way to extinguish my laundry bliss.....we'll see....

It would be nice....

You know what....I absolutely adore my children but I would LOVE to have some time away with just me and Mike.

But, it's not going to happen any time soon. Moneys a factor but there's also the babysitting problem.

Even if Mike was still speaking to him mother I would never leave them with her!! Scary, freaky lady!!

Mike's dad doesn't 'do diapers' so Alex would be out in the cold. Plus his dad doesn't have a lot of time himself. would be lovely to have some 'us' time.....just a little....

Hey, maybe I'll make us a nice romantic meal tonight for when the kids go to bed. It's a little something......

Monday, August 13, 2007

Happiness is....

Oh my goodness!! I'm in seventh (green) heaven!! My washing line is up and is now in the process of drying my washing!!! YAY!!

I dug the hole myself.....I cemented the sleeve in the ground myself. Callum soaked me after a moment of madness. Note to ones self....self, don't give a 3 year old a hose!!! Another, what was I thinking moment!

Anyway, back to major construction!! I put the washing line in the cemented sleeve this morning and umbrellaed (or whatever you want to call it) the line and voila, my mean green drying machine!! I loaded it up and the damn thing folded up while I was underneath it. Whoops....wait for the 'click' helps.....a lot!!! So, I unloaded the washing (it wasn't whites, thank goodness!) and took the pole out of the ground and umbrellaed it properly!! A 'click' was heard (had to check the instructions...*blush*) and my drying day continued!!!

As I type this it also occurs to me that I am, in fact, turning into my mother. Oh well, she's not a bad old stick so I'm not tooo worried. (so far!)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Do we watch too much Spongebob?!

Standing in the kitchen and Callum drops something......'Oh barnacles!!' he mutters.

Oh well, I suppose it could me a lot worse. Daddy has a tendency to say much worse so I should count myself lucky that they haven't repeated his lovely words.

3 toddlers 1 Walmart bathroom....

So in my infinate wisdom I decide to take the kids (by myself) shopping today!! We start off by going to a hardware store and I bought myself a new clothes line!! (more on that on another post....I know you're just dying to hear about it!!!)

Anyway, after we went to the hardware store (we spent more time getting out of the car....strapped into the stroller....holding hands, than we did actually in the store.....oh well.)

Anyway, I thought that I wanted to pop to Walmart with my 3 toddlers. All in all it wasn't bad. Callum actually behaved himself and was not seen being manhandled out of the store by daddy.....that was our last family trip to Walmart.

I bought my bits and bobs (coveted dremel :) ) and Charlotte anounced that she needed to go to the 'loo'....she's got a little bit of me in her!!

So, we trundle off to the bathrooms and manage to get our shopping, stroller and toddlers in the disabled bathroom. (sorry, but I am not leaving my kids outside while I take one to the loo.....not gonna happen!)
We're in there and Charlotte has a meltdown as she can't get her dress off......sweetie, I tell her, lift your dress up and..... well you know what I mean... I swear they are too used to being naked!!!
Well, Callum finds that if he waves his hand across the flushing'll flush!! Hilarity by Callum....dismay by Charlotte as her bum is getting wet!! Callum is berated! But then decides that they are now called Robot Toilets!! Hilarity again by 2 three year olds!!

Callum's turn.....Charlotte decides to exact revenge and tickles him and he pees all over the seat!! Sigh......

My turn..... Callum tries to open the door.....I a muffled kind of way....And then he decides to crouch down and wave and say Hi to the lady next door!!! Mortification!!! No reaction from the lady next door.....she's probably turned to stone and is still there now...... (should I call Walmart?? just kidding)

Anyway...that was my trip to the Walmart bathroom....

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

A spaceship!!!

God I just love the toddler mind!!! Callum's waving to me and telling me bye as he toddles off upstairs to go to his 'spaceship'. And then he pops back down again as whoops, he's forgotten his keys! :)

D'oh! I hate it when I forget my keys to the spaceship!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A creature of habit? Or just a boring old cow stuck in her ways?!

Gah, I post and mod on a women's board and it's down!!! It's 2 days in a row that there's been problems and it's like a drug!!!

I miss my ladies!

Oh well, at least I actually have the internet! It makes me wonder how I dealt with life before!!

I was hoping to check out my pictures that I had entered into a competition but the person running it has not received them apparently. Hmmm....I must have spaced it when I uploaded to Photobucket. Hmmmm...yeah right..... It's only a silly competition and I won't win anything (not that I thought my photos would win!) but I did go to the trouble of actually taking the photos! She said she'd put them in next months. I feel like saying don't bother.

Ahhhhhrgghh..... it's hot and humid and the air conditioning isn't working so I'm probably just cranky!!