Monday, August 13, 2007

Happiness is....

Oh my goodness!! I'm in seventh (green) heaven!! My washing line is up and is now in the process of drying my washing!!! YAY!!

I dug the hole myself.....I cemented the sleeve in the ground myself. Callum soaked me after a moment of madness. Note to ones self....self, don't give a 3 year old a hose!!! Another, what was I thinking moment!

Anyway, back to major construction!! I put the washing line in the cemented sleeve this morning and umbrellaed (or whatever you want to call it) the line and voila, my mean green drying machine!! I loaded it up and the damn thing folded up while I was underneath it. Whoops....wait for the 'click' helps.....a lot!!! So, I unloaded the washing (it wasn't whites, thank goodness!) and took the pole out of the ground and umbrellaed it properly!! A 'click' was heard (had to check the instructions...*blush*) and my drying day continued!!!

As I type this it also occurs to me that I am, in fact, turning into my mother. Oh well, she's not a bad old stick so I'm not tooo worried. (so far!)

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