Monday, August 20, 2007

Good gourd and ebay.....

Never, ever get on ebay after you've had a few drinks!! It's a financial disaster I tell you!!

So, lets go back a week to last Sunday.... It's about 12.30 am and I'm having a couple of glasses of wine. Hey, no problem with that until..... Oooo....I get the urge to go on ebay. Many a handbag has been bought at this dangerout time of the day!!

But, what's foremost in my mind at the moment? Gourds!!! I am soooooo excited about my new Dremel and I sooooooo want to use it to make something!!! So, I have 20 dried baby gourds coming but at a rather high cost!! Twenty six bucks plus shipping!! Egads, what the hell was I thinking??!! Oh well, I think the next day, someone is bound to top my bid!! I was going to cancel it but I just knew that someone would top me....they do normally! But, sods law, no one topped me and I had some very grateful emails from the seller. They probably want to sell me a bridge in Alaska too.

Well, the gold (I wish) gourds should be arriving today so lets hope I make lots of lovely Christmas ornaments to savor for years to come!!

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