Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A creature of habit? Or just a boring old cow stuck in her ways?!

Gah, I post and mod on a women's board and it's down!!! It's 2 days in a row that there's been problems and it's like a drug!!!

I miss my ladies!

Oh well, at least I actually have the internet! It makes me wonder how I dealt with life before!!

I was hoping to check out my pictures that I had entered into a competition but the person running it has not received them apparently. Hmmm....I must have spaced it when I uploaded to Photobucket. Hmmmm...yeah right..... It's only a silly competition and I won't win anything (not that I thought my photos would win!) but I did go to the trouble of actually taking the photos! She said she'd put them in next months. I feel like saying don't bother.

Ahhhhhrgghh..... it's hot and humid and the air conditioning isn't working so I'm probably just cranky!!

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