Sunday, August 26, 2007

Diana Gabaldon!

I recently joined a group of people on Yahoo who all enjoy the works of Diana Gabaldon.

I'm just lurking as, even though I've read all of her books, I don't really feel I'm ready to discuss her work in great detail. I've read each book at least twice but hey, I guess I'm intimidated by others sometimes.....

Anyway, one of the members shared a link to some of her photos taken from the Fergus Festival in Canada. ( ) Diana was there and did a signing which I thought was lovely and then the pics went on.

She actually came to the groups camp site!!! OMG....I would have fainted!! I felt near to tears!! How silly of me yet, it's hard to get across just how much I LOVE her books!! And then she put on a cocktail party for her fans too..... I mean, come on, how cool is that???!!

If you ever want to get into a lovely tale then read a Diana Gabaldon book.... it'll make you a fan!!!

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