Sunday, August 12, 2007

3 toddlers 1 Walmart bathroom....

So in my infinate wisdom I decide to take the kids (by myself) shopping today!! We start off by going to a hardware store and I bought myself a new clothes line!! (more on that on another post....I know you're just dying to hear about it!!!)

Anyway, after we went to the hardware store (we spent more time getting out of the car....strapped into the stroller....holding hands, than we did actually in the store.....oh well.)

Anyway, I thought that I wanted to pop to Walmart with my 3 toddlers. All in all it wasn't bad. Callum actually behaved himself and was not seen being manhandled out of the store by daddy.....that was our last family trip to Walmart.

I bought my bits and bobs (coveted dremel :) ) and Charlotte anounced that she needed to go to the 'loo'....she's got a little bit of me in her!!

So, we trundle off to the bathrooms and manage to get our shopping, stroller and toddlers in the disabled bathroom. (sorry, but I am not leaving my kids outside while I take one to the loo.....not gonna happen!)
We're in there and Charlotte has a meltdown as she can't get her dress off......sweetie, I tell her, lift your dress up and..... well you know what I mean... I swear they are too used to being naked!!!
Well, Callum finds that if he waves his hand across the flushing'll flush!! Hilarity by Callum....dismay by Charlotte as her bum is getting wet!! Callum is berated! But then decides that they are now called Robot Toilets!! Hilarity again by 2 three year olds!!

Callum's turn.....Charlotte decides to exact revenge and tickles him and he pees all over the seat!! Sigh......

My turn..... Callum tries to open the door.....I a muffled kind of way....And then he decides to crouch down and wave and say Hi to the lady next door!!! Mortification!!! No reaction from the lady next door.....she's probably turned to stone and is still there now...... (should I call Walmart?? just kidding)

Anyway...that was my trip to the Walmart bathroom....

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