Monday, August 20, 2007


This is kind of sad really but I do believe what goes around comes around.

Mike spoke to his brother the other day who was bemoaning the fact that his own mother had taken him to court for $9000!! But, basically, he did the same thing to his mother and her husband that he did to us! Sold a truck to someone else that didn't belong to him! This is the same thing he did to us but on a bigger scale! At first I couldn't figure out how he did it but I remembered that his mother had put the truck in her daughter in laws name. Why would she do something this stupid???!! She knows that they can't be trusted! Oh and she's also suing for back rent that they haven't paid for 2 years. Again, I don't know why she's doing this as these scummy people have money.....nothing!!

And then he was also bemoaning the fact that his Aunt called Child Protective Services on them as they didn't have any power or gas. They'd been shut off for non-payment.... I don't know how long they were shut off but it has to have been for a while for his Aunt to call. Big freakin' knock on the head.....hey scumbag....she didn't do this to get at you!! She did it for your 4 kids!! I tell you, these people shouldn't have pets let alone kids!!

His own father was telling us last night about the amount of times he's had to bail them out. But, he won't do it anymore....he refuses to. And I don't blame him! Mike will talk to his brother on the phone but we're not going to visit.....we just can't afford it!!

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