Thursday, August 30, 2007

I wonder if he reads this?

If you blog, do you ever wonder who's actually reading all of your ramblings and wanderings?

I don't let it bother me as I'm pretty sure I'm the only one reading this but I do wonder if my other half reads this at all?

I'll let you into a secret.....he's the most miserable, small willied person EVER!!!

No, not really....I'm just hoping to flush him out of his secret reading!! :) He's actually perfectly endowed and has a great sense of humor. He's only miserable in the morning which is why I'm glad he gets up earlier than me. I'm a ray of sunshine and he's not..... Well, maybe not a ray but I am slightly better at getting up and not growling at people for no apparent reason. (except for the reason of it being morning)

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Karlana said...

LMFAO @ you, Leah!

I wonder, but only to the point if I wonder what grasped someone's attention to head towards my blog! With different blog search engines these days, people type in a keyword, see a catchy blog post title, and they are there. I know, I do it!! LOL

But I love how people do find me and actually leave comments on my blog. That is awesome when you can take the time and say something about the post.

BTW, I didn't realize HE was that grouchy in the morning!!