Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ladybums are haunting me!!

We were at the store today and in the aisle to get some shampoo.

Just passed the feminine products and Charlotte pipes up in her most shrill and voice throwing way....'Mommy, ladybums!! There's your ladybums you see you?!!'

I had to agree that yes, I did in fact, see the ladybums but I didn't need them this trip....

How sad.....38 years old and still embarassed about feminine products!! Next time I'll just send Charlotte to the store!! :)

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Karlana said...

LMFAO @ Charlotte!! Awe, I can hear her saying that in the aisle, too!! Bet she won't be as eager to go down that aisle in about ten years.

I still think it is funny how she has nicknamed tampons as "ladybums"!!