Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A man's love for his cat....

Awwww.....our damn cat still seems to be flea ridden. I couldn't figure out why until I read the flea shampoo bottle.....leave on for 5 minutes.... The last time Mike de-flead (or whatever the hell you call it) he only left it on for 2 minutes.... So he must have just taken them to a near death experience... Sort of the same as fleas being on magic mushrooms or something....who knows? I've never had those sorts of mushrooms.....just the sort that make you sick, ie off mushrooms.

So, Pogo had another flea bath tonight and Mike is actually in the tub with the cat (both naked) and he's divesting the cat of his little friends. (no, I'm not worried....Pogo's not his type. :)..... )

But much yowling and howling is coming from the bathroom as we, hopefully, send the fleas to flea heaven.

I have mentioned various flea remedies mentioned in todays tv ads but no, I don't know anything and we're using flea shampoo, dammit. Ahh the joys of a pig headed man.

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