Monday, September 10, 2007

Moster trucks.....I don't get it!!

I think my other half was baiting me a bit tonight. Mike sat down with his dinner in front of the TV......very strange as he's normally checking out the news on the net. Oh, I look over and see that the twins are playing games on Noggin....ahh, that's why he was here!!

Anyway, he sits down and true to male form...starts clicking away with the remote. Aaaaaannnnnooooyyying!!!!

He finally settles on Monster Truck....something. They were racing apparently but it just seems bloody pointless. It's a relatively small place to race and they're very large trucks with incredibly large tires...

Ummm....forgive me.....does that not make the small arena appear even smaller??!!

But, it seems to bring in a large group of people quite happy to do the wave while waiting for Monster truck #1 to arrive. And I even rate this on the ludicrous kind of sport front(eh, contradiction is terms???!) to be even more so than many laps do they go round before someone wins? No wonder they tail gate and drink!!

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