Sunday, August 24, 2008

House of Mouse, part two.....I have my eye on the puppy!

So, I wake up this morning and the twins run straight outside to play.

I forgot all about the mouse and it's impromptu grave in our garden.

Well, I forgot until Callum came in and said that the mouse had a broken face....

Ummm....I REALLY did not want to know now!!

What creature had mutilated this dead mouse and to what extent?! I just hope it doesn't give my son nightmares!

And then I let Charlie (black lab puppy) out and he manages to get loose. I find him over by a pine tree chomping on something. Hmmmm.....suspiciously looks like a mouse tail and back legs.


Now I'm worried about poisoning my puppy! How much has he ingested?!

Sigh......this is so gross.....I feel nauseated!


piccoladonna2006 said...

Hi, hope the puppy is ok! I was trying to sign up to "follow" this blog, but looks like there isn't a link...anyway you have a new fan! Lu

Brook said...

haahahahah kids and puppies, always into something!!

Magpie Night said...

I'm so sorry, but this made me laugh so much! I just hate mice. ew.

I just found your shops on Etsy and you have lovely designs! I'm a stitcher, too.
I hate that you received harassing convos over your naughty patterns because I think that is so rude.
Keep it up! I like to stitch naughty things too! Everyone should!! :)