Friday, August 22, 2008

The House of Mouse!

One mouse down, how many more to go?
Living in the country has it's positive aspects but the drawbacks are mice and other vermin!

Tonight was an example of a drawback! I've seen a mouse or two in the office and even in the kitchen so I knew something had to be done! Obviously Pogo (our cat) is on a first name basis with them and must party with them at night as he's yet to catch one! (mice are crafty and not in a good sense as in 'hey, we could sell this on Etsy!')

So, with a hard heart I had to buy some d-con and put it in places that I knew the mice would be and NOT where the kids could get to it!

That was a few days ago and I did see one pop up in the kitchen and I just said, 'Yeah, you keep eating those little treats I'm leaving out for you!' Muhahahahaha

Tonight, I had just made dinner and was standing in the kitchen with Mike. A little furry body comes out into the middle of the kitchen floor!! I scream and jump up on the counter top (brave person that I am!) and tell Mike to get rid of it!! It's obviously had some of the d-con as it's not running away!!

Mike says, 'So, how can I get rid of it?!'

I said, 'Pick it up by the tail and throw it outside!!!'

He declined to do that but instead scooped the mouse up in the taco box that was on the side and took it outside.

A few hours later I decided to check and see what has happened to mr mouse. Outside the back door is a taco box and the mouse that is no more. (I won't do the whole parrot sketch!) Little limp body and I'm sure I even saw x's on his eyes. Yes, people, this is an ex-mouse....ok, I'll stop.

I called out to Mike....there's a dead mouse on our back step!!! I tried to move it myself but I got within centimeters of the mouses tail (I was planning on flinging it across the fence....let the neighbors deal with my murderous ways) and a big shudder ran through my body. Nope. Couldn't do it!!

So, I came inside and carried on with whatever the hell I was doing. (the trauma has made me forget)

Half an hour later I hear the back door open and Callum comes up the stairs and he's saying, 'Mom, this mouse is sooo cuuuuuute!'

Talk about a freak out moment!! I screamed and Mike laughed his arse off from the office!!

I'm trying to herd Callum outside and I manage to make him throw the mouse into the garbage can!! Callum was protesting all the way, 'but he's so cuuuute'!

I tried to explain that the mouse died and is now in mouse heaven. Callum comes back in the house and I scrub his hands until he protests quite loudly.

An hour later and I'm calling the kids in as it's time to go to bed. Callums still talking about the mouse and saying how cute it was and that he's now in the garden.


He saw my face and said, 'Nevermind!' as he could see that mama was going for another freak out!

I turned to the garbage can and yep it's upended and not a mouse in site! (dead or otherwise)

Another round of hand de-germing goes on.

Tomorrow I shall check on the grave of mr (or mrs) mouse and hope that some hungry animal comes along and eats it.

But, now I'm worried that I'll find a dead cat on my doorstep that's eaten a poisoned mouse!

Maybe I should just get a condo?! Or a pent house?! You never hear of pent houses with mice problems, do you?!


nuvonova said...

hahaha! At least it wasn't a rat! I could literally vomit at the site of a rat, I don't know what it is.. it's just so disgusting!

I can't believe I had 9 hamsters when I was a child, I would never go near them now, they remind me too much of mice/rats!

..and red shoes, no knickers! Hahah! That gave me a giggle!

Crafty Mama said...

Oh, we had one living in our airducts for a while in an old apartment, and I feel your pain! Nothing gave me the willies faster than hearing those little claws scrambling through my ceiling.