Friday, August 15, 2008

Wow....just WOW!

I find it very disturbing though actually amusing that someone in this country would feel the need to protest about my naughty store!

I've received nasty convo's and they've been reported but to actually call out in the Etsy forums is just.....well, words fail me! And something like this always happens when I'm out!! Damn it!!

And then...fuelled by a few glasses of wine I decided to 'heart' this store while in my naughty persona.

What do I get?! A harassing convo! It reads as follows.....

'It's always good to know who the low lifes are so that you can avoid them. If you would like I will report this to etsy. Otherwise back off and act like a professional and an adult. Or else I will take this as harrassment and take the necessary steps to get rid of you for good. Thank you for your attention to this matter.'

Please note that I'm taking the high road and not saying who this person is!

But she couldn't leave it alone and actually called herself out in my post about harassing convos!!

Kamikaze??!! Falling on their own sword?!!

Or maybe this person is so repressed that they can't poop anymore?! Constipation is a baaaaad thing ladies and gentleman! It can make you harass quiet people like me!

Also, what has this person achieved?

They've highlighted my store..... a plus! Yay for the naysayers!!

Oh and I did reply to the it is.....

by CrotchStitch

Don't worry, I've already reported this to Etsy as YOU are the low life. Never, ever have I judged a store by its content.There were plenty of warnings on the front page and yet you decided to ignore them. Etsy has policies about mature content and I follow every single one of those policies. I've even had admin approve my content, in the way that I present it.I guess I'm just questioning your reading ability....How many nay sayers agreed with you?Umm zero!Keep your kids off the net as they will see far worse than what my store has to offer!Oh and get a sense of humor as that's what my store is all about.And for my final request I would say please do not contact me again!!!You have called out my store (which I would have responded to but I was at the store fulfilling one of my orders!) and was alerted by one of my friends.If you contact me again I will report you AGAIN and admin will do what they need to do.I am NOT a low life and have found Etsy to be quite a fun place to be! I'm not repressed at all....... Leah

I may feel the need to show all of my harassing convos...hmmm....we'll see.....

I'm just floored that someone who called me out in the forums still felt the need to call themselves out again in my own thread!!

Again, I'm astounded that someone clicks through on something that's tagged mature, has mature in the title AND there's even a warning in my store announcement!! What more do you want?! I'd add bells and whistles but these types would probably have their speakers turned off and they'd still complain!!!

Notoriety for ME and my store!!


Ericka Bailie-Byrne said...

Some people need to be offended by something, may as well be cross stitch peni!

I've been on Etsy for over two years & have seen your shop endure this kind of thing more than once. You're still going strong, where are they??

ara133photography said...

I'm so sorry this happened, *hugs*

kibbles said...

Consider it "free advertising" by the asshats.

niftyknits said...

wonder if they like knitted peni too? Shall I heart? ;-)
Answers on a postcard please...

Aunt Jane said...

WOW- that person is deranged and I am so sorry that anyone would ever be mean to you and threaten you like that. You and your work are great, WooHoo! I love you. Hugs, Aunt Jane

twenty pound tabby said...

Although I think the person is more likely frigid rather than constipated. said...

I remember reading both threads in the forums. Im sure every single person browsed your shop, and no one agreed with the nay sayers. Hope it brought you sales!


Leopard said...

So upon reading your blog, I had to see your Etsy shop to check it out myself, as I have not yet found you.

And I must say that you have an adequate warning with your shop announcements, and the pictures that display on your front page are not mature or offensive (can well sculpted male torsos really be offensive?). Only by clicking on the listing, and looking at the other photos do you get a view of the "mature content."

Personally, I think you're in the right. But I guess that some people just need to get over themselves. Maybe they're just sexually frustrated, and need a vibrator.

By the way, I like the reaction of your naughty persona after a few glasses of wine. Sounds like something I would want to do (but could never work up the nerve, even after wine). ;)

Estela said...

Some people have nothing better to do! Sorry this happened.


Leah, i'm sorry that you have probs like this going on.
Yet you found the time to comment on my blog.

Many many thanks my friend.

PSTake no notice of the bitch lol